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PDF (portable document format) versions of most of the books will be available very soon on this web site, for offline printing and viewing. To view PDF versions of books by the author, you require Adobe Acrobat® Reader version 5 or later. Adobe Acrobat® Reader can be downloaded freely by clicking the icon

Important note: A separate download page has been  created for each book with links to file/files to be downloaded for the PDF version of that particular book. File size for each file to be downloaded is mentioned on the particular download page for the PDF versions of different books. When you have downloaded the file/files on to your hard disk, please check the file-size for each file according to the file-size as mentioned in the particular download page. Faulty download usually results when two or more files are downloaded simultaneously. It is recommended that at a time, download only one file and then others (one by one). rather than to simultaneously download  two or more files to avoid faulty download. If you find the file-size of any of the files less than that as mentioned in a particular download page, then you will need to re-download that file. For more details and help please email at alshaufi@yahoo.com 


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