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Dr. Muahmmad Sharif Chaudhry, author of the books


Dr. Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry was born in a devout religious family of farmers at village Gareywala in Kasur District of the Punjab, Pakistan on November 5, 1944. He did his Matriculation from Government High School Usmanwala in 1961 and did F.A. from Government Islamia College Kasur in 1963. He graduated from Government College Lahore in 1965 and got master's degree in history from the University of the Punjab in 1967. Even after joining service he continued his education. He did L.L.B. from the University of the Punjab in 1975. In the year 2000 at fairly advanced age of 56 he obtained Ph.D. in Comparative Religion from U.S.A. He enjoys an extremely brilliant academic career with first divisions, scholarships, and merit positions.


During 1968 and 1969, Mr. Chaudhry taught History at Government Degree College Pattoki District Lahore. He joined (Incometax) service of the Government of Pakistan, in 1970 through Central Superior Services Examination. As a public servant he served with distinction in various positions including that of Deputy Commissioner Incometax, Additional Director Training, Commissioner Incometax, Director General Incometax Audit, Chief Tax Education CBR and Incometax Appellate Tribunal under the Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of Pakistan. He retired from Incometax Appellate Tribunal on November 04, 2004 and is presently doing legal practice as an advocate of High Court at Lahore.


He is a prolific writer and has authored more than 28 books on Islam which cover a wide range of subjects from human rights, law, justice, defence, constitution, politics, theology, economics, taxation, international relations, etc. He also writes articles in magazines and delivers lectures as guest speaker in various institutions on current issues relating to religion, economics, law and taxation.


Mr. Chaudhry is a great champion of human rights, democracy and social justice and he strongly believes in jihad (war) against poverty, disease and illiteracy. According to him, Islam is a revolutionary force and an all embracing faith which can guide mankind in all walks of life. He has, therefore, dedicated his books and writings to preach the teachings of this great religion. As a true missionary he has not made his works a source of income or any material gain. He does not charge any royalty or compensation and any person can publish his books without paying him anything.


He believes more than fifty percent credit for his work goes to his wife Dr. Nasreen Sharif who has relieved him of many responsibilities and has provided him very helpful environments for his intellectual pursuits. Besides performing her duties of a professor in a medical college, she manages the house like an ideal Eastern housewife and has raised children in Islamic traditions as a perfect mother.


Mr. Chaudhry lives at 169-A/I Township, Lahore, Pakistan.



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