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The web pages presented on this website are primarily based on the books authored by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry. He has authored 23 books on Islam so far  covering various important topics. The printed edition of any of these books can be obtained by contacting the concerned distributor. Please click here to view the list of all books along with their brief introduction and the distributors' addresses. For offline viewing and printing, the electronic editions of some books in the form of properly bookmarked (indexed) PDF (portable document format) files will be available in near future. Author may be contacted for hosting of the online editions (web pages) and electronic editions (PDF files) of some of his books on other Islamic websites.


On this website all chapters of the following seven books are available

  1. What is Islam

  2. Women's Rights in Islam

  3. Fundamentals of Islamic Economic System

  4. Dynamics of Islamic Jihad

  5. Social and Moral Code of Islam

  6. Concept of God in Qur'an

  7. A Comparative Study of World Religions

  8. Meaning of the Magnificent Quran

  9. Message of the Magnificent Quran

  10. Pillars of Islam

[All Books] [About Author] [PDF Versions]

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Rights of all these books are reserved with the Author. However, you are allowed to reproduce, translate, print or publish these books with prior permission of the author and without any royalty or fee. The book/books must be published without any change in its matter or authorship. It will be highly kind of you if you post some copies of the publication to the author for record. For more details please click here.

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